5 Best Gel Top Coats For Any Brand of Gel Polish 2022

Gel Top Coat

It is essential to use a base coat and a top coat when working with gel polishes. It allows you to have long-lasting and durable gel manicures.

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 of the most effective base and top coat combinations.

The Best Gel Base Coat and Top Coat are:

  1. Gelish Base & Top Coat (Works effectively with most brands of gel polish)
  2. DND (A budget-friendly Gel Base and Top Coat)
  3. Aimeili Base and Top Coat (Very popular & comes with a great no wipe top coat)
  4. GA & EN Combo Set (Includes a base coat, normal top coat & a matte top coat)
  5. PrettyDiva Gel Base and Top Coat

1. Gelish Base and Top Coat

Gelish offers one of the highest quality Base and Top Coats on the market, which would work well with most gel polish brands.

This is the main brand that I recommend and use most of the time when applying soak-off gel polish.

Gelish is a premium high-end brand that was established in 2009. It is very popular among nail salons and nail technicians.

Did you know that Gelish helped pioneer and develop the use of gel polishes? The company was the first to package gel polish in nail polish bottles with a nail polish brush. 

1. Gelish Base and Top Coat

Pros of Gelish Base Coat & Top Coat

1- Works Effectively With Any Brand Of Gel Polish

The main reason I recommend Gelish’s Base and Top Coat is that they blend and work amazingly well with a variety of gel polish brands. Over the past five years, I have used them with different brands of gel polish and they have never let me down.

As you can see, most nail technicians recommend that you stick with one brand for every layer when working with gel polishes. If you use CND Shellac gel polishes, you should use CND Gel Base and Top Coat.

Because most companies use the same formula for all their products, they are able to blend well.

As well as testing their colored gel polishes to ensure that they will work with their own gel base and top coat.

If you don’t have the luxury to stick with one brand, maybe you have a mixture of brands like me, then Gelish’s Base and Top Coat are your best bet for a brand that works with any gel polish.

2- Makes Your Manicures More Durable & Last Longer

It is absolutely essential that you use a good gel base and top coat for long-lasting and durable gel polishes.

Gel manicures should last approximately three weeks if you use both the Gelish Base and Top Coat. From my experience, other brands have a lifespan of around two weeks.

Gelish Foundation Base Coat

The main purpose of a gel base coat is to make your gel polish adhere better to your nails, thus preventing it from peeling easily and chipping.

In my experience, Gelish’s Base Coat is one of the best for adhering your gel polish to your nail plates. This is due to the fact that it contains methacrylate.

Methacrylate, as you know, is a powerful chemical that is used primarily in nail primers to help nail polish or acrylic stick to your nails.

Gelish Base Coat is a combination of a nail primer and a base coat, which is why it is so effective at bonding your gel polish to your nails.

In addition, it is able to work with any brand of gel polish.

Gelish Top Coat

Top coats extend the life of your gel manicure by creating a protective and hard protective layer over your colored gel polish.

Gelish’s Top Coat provides a hard, long-lasting, and durable seal over your gel polish.

During this process, your gel polish is protected against being easily torn, damaged, exposed to water, and other chemicals that can wear away or dissolve it over time.

3- Makes Your Gel Manicures Look More Appealing

With Gelish Foundation Base Coat, your manicure will look more even and smooth.

As a result, Gelish’s Base Coat will fill in any ridges or cracks on your nail plate allowing your colored gel polish to be applied smoothly over your nails.

Gelish Top Coat gives your nails that smooth, glass-like shine you would get from a salon manicure by adding a glossy sheen to them.

4- Easy to Use & Cures Fast

Gelish’s Base & Top Coats are very easy to apply, I recommend using mainly thin coats.

  • Prep your nails first as you normally would.
  • After that, apply a thin layer of Gelish Base Coat and allow it to cure.
  • Then, apply your gel polish and let it cure.
  • Finally, apply a thin coat of Gelish Top Coat and thallow it to cure.

How Long Gelish Base and Top Coat Takes to Cure

The amount of time needed for curing will depend on your lamp type and wattage.

Gelish Base Coat should take five seconds with an LED lamp and one minute with a UV lamp.

Gelish Top Coat takes 30 seconds under an 18G LED Light or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. 

5- Reliable

Gelish is a premium brand renowned for consistently maintaining high quality over the years.

This is why I and other nail techs trust them to invest in and purchase large quantities of their products. I have found that cheaper brands frequently change their formula and overall quality.

6- Great Formula

Gelish Base and Top Coat has a very nice balanced formula. It’s not too thick or too thin. This consistency allows it to be applied easily.

Their base coats and top coats are not too thin so they don’t run or are too thick so they’re difficult to apply.

A further benefit to Gelish’s formula is that it is self-leveling, so you won’t have to work hard to apply it.

7- Very Popular

Gelish Base and Top Coats are some of the most widely used gel bases and top coats available today.

They are especially popular with nail salons and nail technicians.

So you can rest assured that thousands of women have tried and tested them.

Drawbacks of Gelish Base and Top Coat

1- Expensive

The main problem with Gelish products is that they are typically more expensive than other budget-friendly alternatives.

Gelish base and top coats are usually twice as expensive as budget-friendly gel ones.

However, in my opinion, Gelish is more economical due to the following reasons:

  1. You only need a small amount of base and top coat for them to be effective, I like to apply them in thin coats so they last longer.
  2. With Gelish’s top and base coats, your gel polish will last for 3 weeks, whereas cheaper alternatives will last for only 2 weeks, saving you money.
  3. They come in large 15 ml bottles, so you can do more manicures with them. You can reduce your shipping costs by doing this, which can add up if you have to repurchase them constantly.

2- Uses Stronger Chemicals

Furthermore, Gelish Base and Top Coats use stronger chemicals that can potentially cause allergic reactions.

They are so effective because of stronger chemicals like methacrylate.

You need not worry as Gelish products, like all nail products, must be safe to use before they can be sold to the general public. 

Gelish’s Base and Top Coats have been used by thousands of women for years.

I would advise you to stop using it if you have a rash or any reaction.

3- Not a No Wipe Top Coat

The top coat from Gelish is not a no-wipe top coat. This means that it leaves a sticky layer when it cures.

In my opinion, having a no wipe top coat makes your work easier since you won’t have to remove the sticky top layer.

Once the top coat has cured, all you have to do is wipe the stickiness away with a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol.

Where to Get Gelish Base and Top Coat

Even though Gelish products are usually more expensive, you can get their Gel Base and Top Coat in a nice combo set on Amazon for a fair price (click here to see the current price).

2. DND Gel Base & Top Coat

2. DND Gel Base & Top Coat

DND stands for Daisy Nail Designs, which has a great gel base and top coat at a much lower cost than Gelish.

The best thing about DND is that their top coat leaves you with a long-lasting glossy finish.

I’ve found that DND does not have the long-lasting wear and durability of Gelish. Their base coat isn’t as good as Gelish’s.

Using DND’s base and top coat, your gel polish should last for around two weeks.

Pros of DND:

  1. Very Affordable
  2. Reputable Brand: DND has been around for several years now and is a well-known brand.
  3. Will Create an Amazing Glossy Effect: DND’s top coat is far superior to Gelish’s and most other brands’ when it comes to adding that sheen effect to gel polish.

Cons of DND:

  • Not as Durable and Long Lasting: One of DND’s biggest disadvantages is that its base coat is low-quality, so it does not provide the same durability and long-lasting wear as Gelish.

Where to Get DND Gel Base and Top Coat

You can get a combo set on Amazon that includes a DND base and top coat for an affordable price, click below button to see the current price.

3. Aimeili Gel Base & Top Coat

Aimeili Gel Base & Top Coat

Aimeili is a popular brand of gel topcoats and base coats.

There is a great combo set that comes with a top coat that eliminates the need to wipe away the sticky top layer once applied.

Aimeili offers budget-friendly and niche nail polish products such as color-changing gel polishes.

Pros of Aimeili:

  1. Very affordable:
  2. Comes with a Great No Wipe Top Coat

Cons Of Aimeili:

  1. Not Very Durable: Their base and top coat won’t last as long as Gelish.
  2. Comes in Small Bottles: They sell their base and top coats in small 10ml bottles.

Where to Get Aimeili Gel Top & Base Coat?

Aimeili Gel Top Coat and Base Coat are available on Amazon, you can click below button to see the current price.

4. GA & EN Gel Base & Top Coat

GA & EN Gel Base & Top Coat

GA & EN has a really good matte no wipe top coat in their Base and Top Coat combo set.

With a matte top coat, your polish won’t have that glossy shine; instead, it will appear somber.

There are times when matte polishes are necessary for certain nail art, outfits, and occasions such as formal and professional settings.

GA and EN Base and Top Coats are available in small 10 ml bottles and are usually very affordable. You can click here to see the current price on Amazon for a combo set.

5. Pretty Diva Gel Base & Top Coat

Pretty Diva Gel Base & Top Coat

The Pretty Diva gel base and top coat combo set is great. What I like about them is that they use safer, healthier, and more natural ingredients.

Their main drawback is that they aren’t the most durable and effective base and top coats, but they should last two weeks.

Pretty Diva’s Base and Top Coat come in small 10ml bottles and are also a bit more expensive than Aimeili or GA and EN. I suspect that this is because they use more natural ingredients, which tend to be more expensive.

You can click here to see the current price for a Pretty Diva combo set on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which gel top coat is best?

1-Gelish Base & Top Coat 2-DND 3-Aimeili Base and Top Coat 4-GA & EN Combo Set 5-PrettyDiva Gel Base and Top Coat

What gel base coat Do salons use?

NSI Essentials Base Coat 15ml. Many salons use their Essentials Base Coat, and for good reason. The NSI Essentials Base Coat contains a gel base that can be cured in any full-hand LED or UV lamp, eliminating long drying times.

Is gel top coat better than regular top coat?

A regular top coat won’t adhere so well to your gel polish and would peel very easily. Gel top coats are extremely durable and some brands can even last for three weeks. My opinion is that a top coat made of cotton is like wearing t-shirts, while a coat made of gel is like wearing Kevlar.  

What is the shiniest gel top coat?

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top coat is the shiniest gel top coat I’ve ever seen or used. This is a no-wipe top coat, so there is no tacky residue to clean off at the end of your manicure. With an LED lamp or a UV lamp, Ultra Shine cures to a perfect high-gloss shine in 60 seconds.  

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