High Protein Foods at Dunkin Donuts

If I’m on a diet high in protein I am always enticed by tasty sweets like donuts. Unfortunately, not all donuts are protein-rich. But, there are various choices on the menu at Dunkin Donuts that provide high protein, and they are delicious.

High Protein Entrees

In the case of dishes available offered at Dunkin Donuts, there is only one option that’s high in protein but not very calorific. If you’re on an eating plan that is high in protein and would like a sandwich from Dunkin Donuts you can try this tuna salad sandwich that is served on the English muffin. It is a meal that has 500 calories, and contains 15 grams of protein. This is 0.0375 grams of protein for each calories.

High Protein Drinks

If you’re in the market for the taste of a great coffee drink There are a few alternatives at Dunkin Donuts. These options each contain at five grams of protein, and all are less than 200 calories. They’re sorted by on the basis of grams per calorie, which means that the ones that provide the greatest value for money are the best.

The primary element which makes the drink a good source for protein comes from the dairy ingredient that is included inside the drinks. If you’re trying to reduce your calories, consider ordering dairy products that are low in fat in your drink like skim milk. The majority of sizes of each drink provide around the identical amount of protein grams per calories. But, according to the nutritional information on Dunkin Donuts’ web site certain drinks have slightly different protein-to- calories ratio depending on the size.

Nutritional Information

DrinkCaloriesProtein (in grams)Protein (g) Per Calorie
Caramel Latte Lite, Small8090.1125
Iced Latte with Skim Milk, Small7070.1
Latte Lite, Small (Iced or Hot)8070.0875
Vanilla Latte Lite, Medium (Iced or Hot)120100.0833
Iced Caramel Latte Lite, Small8060.0750
Iced Latte with Skim Milk and Sugar Small13070.0538
Latte, Small (Iced or Hot)12060.05
Butter Pecan Swirl Latte with Skim Milk Small (Iced or hot)18080.0444
Cookies Dough Swirl Latte along with Skim Milk Small (Iced or hot)18080.0444
Iced Mocha Latte with Skim Milk, Small18080.0444
Irish Creme Swirl Latte with Skim Milk Small (Iced or hot)18080.0444
Mocha, Irish Creme swirl Latte With Skim Milk Small (Iced or hot)18080.0444
Caramel Latte with Skim Milk Small (Iced or hot)19080.0421
Caramel Mocha Latte topped with Milk. Small (Iced or hot)17070.0412

High Protein Options

While it is famous for its donuts and donuts, it offers a variety of breakfast choices also. There aren’t any donuts available on their Dunkin Donuts menu that are rich in protein. There are a variety of choices available in the menu of breakfast wraps and sandwiches that contain less than 500 calories and contain at minimum 15g of protein. The choices below are listed by weight, in ascending order of the grams of protein per calories. The most effective option can be the breakfast wrap made of egg whites and turkey which is not surprising because egg whites are rich in protein and are low in calories.

If you’re absolutely committed to having donuts for breakfast, the most effective alternative for you at Dunkin Donuts when it comes to protein intake is the donut with triple cocoa that has 260 calories with just 5g of protein. It’s 0.0192 grams of protein in a calorie which is considerably lower than other donuts mentioned within this piece. It is the highest amount of protein-calorie ratio of all the options for donuts at Dunkin Donuts.

Nutritional Information

Breakfast ItemCaloriesProtein (in grams)Protein (g) per Calorie
Egg White Turkey Sausage Wake-Up Wrap (2 wraps)300200.0667
Turkey Sausage Wake-Up Wrap (2 wraps)420260.0619
Turkey Cheddar Bacon on a French Roll460280.0609
Egg White Veggie Wake-Up Wrap (2 wraps)300180.0600
Ham, Egg and Breakfast Wrap with Cheese (2 wraps)340200.0588
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on English Muffin290160.0552
Ham and Cheese on a French Roll440240.0545
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Plain Bagel460230.0500
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wake-Up Wrap (2)360180.0500
Sausage, Egg & Cheese on English Muffin450210.0467
Multigrain Bagel350150.0429
Pepper Jack Supreme Bagel410170.0415
Cheddar Cheese Bagel Twist390160.0410
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on Croissant480190.0396
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on Biscuit470180.0383

High Protein Options at Dunkin Donuts

With all the high protein choices available at Dunkin Donuts There are a variety of options for breakfasts that are packed with protein. If you aren’t able to order donuts, you will still enjoy a tasty morning meal in Dunkin Donuts that will give you the protein you require for your day.

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